Portable Bottle Cap Humidifier

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Say goodbye to dry skin! Sweeten up the air around you with this Portable Bottle Cap Humidifier! Simply fit the cap over any bottle and plug it in to enjoy clean and healthy air. Also equipped with an LED light, it’ll be perfect for your bedroom nightstand. See a big difference in your skin in just a few weeks!


Awesome Facts:

  • The 2-in-1 design of a humidifier and an LED light
  • Emits a micro-fine cool mist with ultrasonic technology and high-frequency vibrations
  • Improves aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, sleeping, and relaxation
  • Turns off automatically after 8 hours
  • Works quietly, will not disturb sleep
  • Convenient, safe, eco-friendly, supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Made from ABS Plastic and Electronic Component
  • Available in Blue
  • Perfect for your home or office


Useful Tips :

  1. Insert the absorbent cotton swab filter to the bottom part of the cap humidifier
  2. Put on a filter cover
  3. Put the cap onto a bottle and secure tightly
  4. Connect to a USB cable to turn it on
  5. To charge, connect to a laptop USB port, power bank, or power strip


Technical Stuff:

Product Size diameter: 7.5cm, height: 6cm
Product Weight 92g / 3.24oz
Package Component 1 x Cap humidifier, 1 x Bottle, 1 x USB power cable, 1 x Filter

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